Laser procedures are an effective way to remove unwanted tattoos and smooth out your skin. Lasers can also be used to treat acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, spider veins as well as other cosmetic concerns.

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All types of laser procedures (Tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, fractional laser)

Laser tattoo removal​

Lasers are a powerful tool that can eliminate tattoos in a safe and effective manner. It is highly recommended that you consult with your physician prior to starting any laser treatment procedure as some lasers may require certain precautions such as avoiding skin exposure between treatments or taking anti-inflammatory medications. In addition, many people who have received prior laser treatments may need to avoid shaving their face for six weeks following the procedure.

Fractional laser treatment

A fractional laser is also known as a "microsecond" or “nanosecond” light source because it emits light pulses with extremely short durations (a few billionths of a second). These high-frequency pulses penetrate deep into the skin where they break up large particles called melanin pigments within your pores without damaging surrounding tissue like conventional fractional ablative devices do when used on large areas at once

Tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective procedure that can be performed in a doctor's office. The laser beam breaks down the pigment in your tattoo, causing it to fade over time. Tattoo removal does not hurt, but some patients experience mild discomfort during treatment. In most cases, you will only need two or three treatments for your tattoo to disappear completely.

Tattoo removal can be performed on any part of your body except for areas around the eyes and mouth where there are no blood vessels (the nose may also be excluded). The procedure lasts between 15 minutes and an hour depending on how large your tattoo was when it was first applied and how many sessions you need before seeing results

Laser skin rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser technology to treat fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Laser skin rejuvenation can improve the appearance of your skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure involves using a low-level laser beam that penetrates into your skin to stimulate collagen production, which helps reduce signs of aging such as sun damage or acne scars.

Fractional laser treatment

Fractional laser treatment is a skin rejuvenation procedure that uses lasers to remove wrinkles, reduce acne scars and improve your overall complexion. Fractional laser technology breaks up the surface of your skin into thousands of tiny columns (fractions), which allows for deeper penetration into the dermis than traditional resurfacing procedures like chemical peels or microdermabrasion. This allows for more effective results while minimizing side effects such as bleeding or swelling.

The areas where fractional lasers can be used include:

Fractional lasers can also be used on other parts of the body where wrinkles are evident such as hands and fingers but require multiple treatments spaced out over several months rather than one session like other parts listed above due to their thicker epidermis layer which tends not absorb as much light energy from these devices compared with thinner skin areas such as those found on faces where only 1-2 sessions are needed before seeing significant improvements!

What are all the types of laser procedures (Tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, fractional laser)?

There are many different types of laser procedures, including tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. Tattoo removal is the process by which a person can have their tattoos removed with the use of a laser. This procedure is considered permanent because once the ink has been broken down by the light source of an erbium-doped fiber laser, it cannot be regenerated in any way.

Fractional Lasers are also known as non-ablative lasers because they do not remove tissue from your body like ablative lasers do; instead they use heat to stimulate collagen production in your skin while also reducing inflammation and swelling caused by acne scars or wrinkles. Fractional lasers work best on people with fair complexions who have thickened skin due to sun damage or aging (40+ years old).


Laser procedures are common and effective treatments for many skin conditions. They can help you get rid of tattoos, wrinkles, scars and other blemishes on your face or body with little to no downtime. You can even use them to improve the appearance of your hairline or eyebrows!

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