Full B ikni is a popular form of hair removal that's designed to remove all the hair on your bikini line. It's often done in salons by professionals who use wax and can leave you with smooth skin for weeks at a time. You can also do it yourself at home if you want to save some money or learn how to do other types of waxing services like Brazilian/ Hollywood/Underarm waxing.

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What You Get With Full Bikini hair removal?

A full bikini wax removes all hair from the pubic area, including a strip in front of and behind the labia. The bikini wax is a semi-permanent hair removal method that can last anywhere from four weeks to six months depending on your skin type and how often you shave or wax (and whether you use any products that reduce hair growth).

The most popular method of removing body hair for women, it's estimated that about 75% of American women have tried some form of bikini waxing--and most go back for more!

How Full Bikini hair removal Treatment Works?

Full Bikini hair removal treatment is performed by a professional esthetician or cosmetologist, who will apply wax to your skin in the direction opposite to that of your hair growth. The process takes about 15 minutes and is repeated on all areas where you would like to remove hair: top, sides and bottom of bikini line.

The result is smooth, soft skin without any stubble!

If you want to feel confident, having a full bikini wax is the best option.


If you're looking to feel confident, having a full bikini wax is the best option. It will give you smooth skin and a clean look that can last for weeks.

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